5F conference is a vision of the Lead Pastor of The Shepherd’s Flock Int’l Church through the Holy Spirit to provide direction, guidance and help to navigate through the challenges of life. The focus is the five major aspect of human life which are Faith, Fitness, Family, Finance, Future.

Faith – We are going to be looking at the relationship of man and God here. The whole concept of faith will be considered like the definition of faith, why we need faith, benefits of faith etc.

Fitness – Of what benefit is it to have wealth and good family and yet have an unhealthy life. We believe that you should not use your health to look for wealth and thereafter turnaround to use the wealth gotten to look after your health. As you look for wealth, your health should not suffer. Fitness will be looking at how to take care of health and provide tips for a better lifestyle.

Family – What is the mind of God concerning Family? What did he have in mind when he constituted the first family? What is the role of the family in Nation building? How can we raise successful families in a world that is full rebellion? How can the family function effectively in this world and bring to bear the will of God on the earth. These are some of the questions that the conference will be seeking to answer.

Finance – In this world of economy downturn and instability, there is no gain saying that focusing on legitimate ways of making money and planning our finances is very important. Many Christians are not financially wise and so life seem difficult. When you look at what flows through your hand in a month, you might discover that inflow is not the issue but planning your outflow. Through God, 5F conference is an avenue to learn financial intelligence.

Future – What does it profit a man to be physically fit, have a wonderful family and be comfortable financially but does not have a good relationship with his maker? Of all human endeavors, this aspect is the most critical. Don’t joke with your eternity.

We believe that 5F conference is comprehensive and it is all encompassing. Please note that this event is FREE.

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Tony & Tutu Akinyemi


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